The Personnal Agents War is declared

Siri, Viv, Hound, Snips, RobinLabs, …

Personnal agents have been here for quite some time
The most public one certainly was Siri, on the iPhone
Google has followed on this, Microsoft too with Cortana

Same thing as Chatbots ?

Not at all, chatbots are usage-centric bots, with a limited domain topics.
They re specialists on a subject, but don’t have the user context.

Usage :

First, it was a gadget, something you might try once or twice only.
Then, the only way to communicate with input-free devices, such as google glass.
Cortana is now available on Desktop PCs

Early days limitations :

Closed range of features, no API for external developers
This is about to change :
Viv announced an open API.
Apple has to react => announced that they too will open their API

What we can expect

All web service providers will sooner or later expose their services through those agents.
A lot more action : most of the first versions was query-response systems (read only), then call someone and send texts while driving ( asking you for confirmation)
You will soon be able to book an appointment, an hotel room, send flowers for your mom’s birthday, or uner

How do they work ?

  • NLP
  • Producing a computed plan
  • voice synthesis
  • User context (TODO: picture of the user context tree(